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Super Mega Safari Experience in Hurghada: A Riveting Blend of Adventure and Culture

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Intro to the Hurghada Mega Safari

In the heart of Hurghada, the desert offers an unparalleled adventure that captivates the thrill-seekers and culture lovers alike. The HRGExcursions Mega Safari is an all-encompassing experience designed to bring the beauty, culture, and exhilarating escapades of the desert to life.

The Thrilling ATV and Quad Ride

Get your pulse racing with an adrenaline-packed 30-minute ATV and quad ride. Feel the wind rush past as you navigate the golden sands and conquer the dunes on these powerful machines, offering an exhilarating perspective of the vast, beautiful desert.

The Jeep Journey to the Bedouin Village

Travel deeper into the desert on a rugged jeep ride, heading to a place where time stands still: the Bedouin village. As you traverse the sands, anticipation builds, paving the way for an encounter with an age-old culture that has weathered the sands of time.

Living the Bedouin Way: Camels, Tea, and Authenticity

In the Bedouin village, get up close with the “ships of the desert” – camels. Revel in a unique camel ride that offers a peek into the Bedouin mode of transportation. Delve into the everyday life of the Bedouin people, unraveling their rich culture and customs. Top it off by savoring the aromatic Bedouin tea, a beverage as steeped in tradition as it is in flavor.

Delight in a Traditional Bedouin Dinner

As the sun sets, sit down for a traditional Bedouin dinner. Enjoy a meal prepared with love and age-old recipes, featuring local ingredients and spices that bring forth the unique flavors of the region. This culinary experience promises to be as memorable as the desert journey itself.

An Evening of Oriental Splendor

After dinner, immerse yourself in an unforgettable oriental show party. Experience the vibrancy of Arabian culture as traditional dancers take the stage, with mesmerizing performances set to the hypnotic rhythms of oriental music. As the night deepens, the desert transforms into a dance floor under the starlit sky, ending your mega safari on an unforgettable high note.

Why Choose HRGExcursions for Your Mega Safari

HRGExcursions is dedicated to crafting authentic experiences that highlight the beauty and culture of Hurghada. With their Mega Safari, they offer a seamless blend of adrenaline-fueled adventure, cultural immersion, and evening entertainment that brings the essence of Hurghada to life.



camel riding, and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) rides. You'll also usually have an opportunity to visit a Bedouin village, where you can experience traditional Bedouin culture.
At a Bedouin village, you can expect to be immersed in traditional Arabic culture. You might see traditional Bedouin homes, known as 'tents,' made of goat hair. These communities often offer activities such as henna painting, falconry demonstrations, and traditional music and dance performances. You might also have the chance to dress in traditional Bedouin
Yes, camel riding is generally safe for beginners under proper guidance and supervision. The camel owners or tour operators will typically provide a brief training session before the ride, instructing you on how to mount and dismount safely and how to behave with the camel. Camel rides are usually slow-paced and supervised to ensure the safety of all participants. Despite this, it's always important to follow all safety instructions given by the guides and to respect the animals at all times.
When dressing for a desert safari, comfort should be your main priority. Opt for loose, breathable clothing to help keep you cool in the hot desert climate. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers are advisable to protect against the sun and any potential scrapes or irritation from the sand. It's also a good idea to bring a hat, sunglasses, and high-SPF sunblock to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. Sturdy footwear is recommended, as you'll likely be walking on uneven sand surfaces – close-toed shoes are best to avoid sand getting in.

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