Authentic Egyptian Experience

Private Yacht Experience, Exclusive Snorkeling Excursion

From: 55.00

unforgettable journey aboard a luxurious private yacht, where the sea’s vast beauty becomes your playground. For an exclusive price of 55€ per adult and 30€ per child, this experience is designed to cater to those who seek adventure without compromising on comfort or privacy. For those looking to dive deeper into the marine world, an enhanced package at 65€ offers a 15-minute diving experience, promising a closer look at the underwater wonders.

Why Choose a Private Yacht Adventure?

Exclusivity at Sea

The private yacht experience is tailored for those who desire a personal touch. With a capacity limited to 20 persons, it ensures a serene and intimate setting, perfect for families, couples, or a small group of friends seeking a day of luxury and relaxation.

A Journey Tailored to You

From the moment you embark, the day is yours to design. Whether it’s basking in the sun on the deck, exploring vibrant coral reefs, or enjoying the thrill of water games, the private yacht experience is a canvas for your desires.


The experience includes private transportation, a guide, meals, snorkeling with equipment, optional diving, and exclusive yacht amenities.
Absolutely! With a special rate for children and a range of activities, it's a perfect family getaway.
Swimwear, sunscreen, a camera, and a spirit of adventure are all you need. Everything else is taken care of.
Feel free to express your preferences.

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